Dressage between races 1 and 3

Often described as dancing with your horse, the Triequithon dressage tests are designed to showcase the talent of the OTT and their ability to be so graceful with their riding partner.

The tests are around 2 minutes and they will highlight the ability to train a race horse to be so graceful and responsive to the riders' aids. 

Cross Country between races 3 and 6

Undoubtedly the phase where the thoroughbred stands out from the rest, the cross country phase is conducted up and around the grandstands of the race track so that the crowd can witness the athleticism required to take on these challenging fences. 

Show Jumping between Races 6 and 8

After the cross country phase, the riders now need to navigate a challenging course that may as well be made out of toothpicks. 

With the leading rider to jump last, the whole result often comes down to the very last fence