What is the Triequithon

Triequithon is the 20/20 of Eventing.  It combines the excitement and athleticism of the Olympic sport of eventing with the thrill of thoroughbred racing. 

By shortening the dressage, cross country and show jumping phases of traditional eventing, we have maintained the integrity of the Olympic competition while exciting the crowd with the harmony, athleticism and competition of eventing at the venue reserved for the sport of kings. 

Watching dressage, cross country and show jumping during a race meeting really makes it a full day's entertainment for the whole family.

Why the Triequithon

Eventing is an Olympic sport that Australia has excelled at.  To raise the profile of this sport we need a more spectator friendly event. 

The Off The Track Thoroughbred is a genuine and willing athlete who makes a superb team mate in equestrian sports.  The Triequithon showcases their talents. 

The sport of kings should be enjoyed more often. It's such a great day out and having the Triequithon conducted during a race meeting just offers equestrian audiences even more fabulous entertainment.